Car rental

Our car rental service helps you get the advantage of traveling conveniently around the countryside and getting to the nearby cities as well. In addition to a wide variety of cars you can choose, we also provide comprehensive car rental deals to suit your needs and budget throughout your stay, no matter how many days …

Fiyat: 50  / Günlük / Konaklama Başına

Cleaning service

All our villas are cleaned regularly. But we also provide extra cleaning services by request – if you need it when the cleaning is not planned.  No matter whether this is a planned or extra booked service, we provide extraordinary levels of cleanliness and superior service, so you never spoil your rest because of uncleaned …

Fiyat: 15  / Günlük / Konaklama Başına

Weddings and birthdays celebration

A special service who those who want to spend special days at special places. Let us arrange your  birthday or family reunion, wedding or any other special location  with first hand on advice on suitable properties, areas and activities for a large group in our villas. Each villa comes with a special open air spaces …

Fiyat: 250  / Bir defa / Konaklama Başına

Baby sitter

Take children with you? Let them have the best vacation and let yourself! Have a free time while our baby sitters take care of your children – we have a lot of interesting things to do – playing, swimming, cooking, etc. In our villas it is possible to request the services of a qualified babysitter …

Fiyat: 23  / Günlük / Konuk başına

Meal catering

Meals a great part of your vacation. And we can simply make it perfect. Though the villas are fully equip with kitchenette, we can make it easier for you. Our beautiful catering service is for meals, either lunch or brunch, by the pool or in the garden, for dinners and lunches, for special events. You’ll …

Fiyat: 20  / Günlük / Konaklama Başına

Food hamper

Arriving late to our villa? When the shops are closed? You should not rush out and do the shopping! Book a food hamper and find the indispensable in the villa at your arrival. Food Hamper can be delivered directly to the villa for arrival. Hampers contain: bread, eggs, salt, pepper, sugar, tea, coffee, milk, butter, …

Fiyat: 55  / Bir defa / Konaklama Başına

İzmir Havaalanı Transferi

1 kişi olarak transfer talep edebileceğiniz gibi grup transfer taleplerinizi de bize bildirebilirsiniz. 14 koltuk kapasitesi ile sizlerin tüm ihtiyaçlarınızı karşılayabiliriz. Binek ve minibüs seçeneklerimiz mevcuttur. Günlük şöförlü araç kiralama talep edebilirsiniz. İstediğiniz kadar saat ile hizmet verebildiğimiz özel şöförlü araçlarımız ile hizmetinizdeyiz.  

Fiyat: 350  / Bir defa / Konaklama Başına